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Amit Pooja Til Tel - 200ml Bottle (Non Edible)

Amit Pooja Til Tel - 200ml Bottle (Non Edible)
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Lamp Oil (Best Quality)
Product Description

Amit Puja Til Oil - Til Oil for Diya (Puja Sesame oil)

  • Amit Til Subh developed with the goodness of Sesame Oil.
  • Amit Til Subh provides peace peace of mind with its aroma.
  • It Leaves very less black residue while burning.
  • It is clean, Sootless & Smokeless. It makes the wick burn consistently.
  • To be used for burning purpose only.
The Goodness of Sesame oil

Amit Puja Til Oil is developed with the aroma of sesame Oil for lighting of Diyas and Lamps which provides Peace of Mind. It has the aromatic goodness of sesame oil to offer the devotion to the deity. It is clean and makes the wick burn consistently. It is a Non-edible oil, which is best for burning purpose to give long lasting bright light of the diya or lamp..

Significance of Amit Puja Til Oil in Diya

Sesame oil is strongly suggested to light a lamp to nullify all evil and bring knowledge, health and wealth into your home. Sesame oil has its own significance for burning of diyas in hindu culture.

Diya is essential in Hinduism because it signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power. The presence of light means the non-existence of darkness and evil forces. So diyas are lit in every corner of the house to weaken those evil forces.

There is a deeper significance to the diya. Tejaswa Puja Til Oil burns consistently away along with the wick, leaving zero toxic residues in the diya.

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