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Cello Kleeno Dual Action Hockey Toilet Brush - 1pc

Cello Kleeno Dual Action Hockey Toilet Brush - 1pc
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Rubberised handle for comfortable grip. Colour may be (Blue & White) or (Red & Grey)
Product Description

In our busy lifestyle, we often miss on cleaning our bathroom every day. Bathroom cleaning is necessary just like brushing your teeth & taking shower everyday is a need for maintaining personal heath & hygiene.

Bathroom & Toilet is a place if not cleaned properly can harvest lot of germs that can harm health of our loved ones.

Keeping bathroom clean should be an inevitable practice to ensure a hygienic & healthy lifestyle.

To ensure cleanliness & promote a healthy lifestyle, we are here with the exclusive range of Kleeno Series that enlightens & enhances the need for cleaning & beautifying our home.

The leading household brand cello introduces KLEENO premium household cleaning products aimed at making home cleaning less like chore & more convenient these impeccably designed easy to use & easy to maintain products range from toilet brushes, sink brushes, broom brushes, tile brushes, cob web brushes, dust pans, bathroom wipers, kitchen wipers to sponge wipes & utensils scrubs
All our products are designed & manufactured with long term durability in mind. You buy them & they are sure to give you high performance & easy cleaning!

  • Material: Plastic, Color: Blue and White.
  • Item Dimension: 95mm x 29.6mm x 260mm.
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Dual Action Hockey Toilet Brush.
  • No warranty on product.
  • Tough bristles for cleaning stubborn stains flexible bristles for surface cleaning.
  • Angular design to reach difficult corners and gaps.
  • Rubberised handle for comfortable grip.

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