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Cello Kleeno Standee Medium Bathroom Wiper Red - 1 Pc

Cello Kleeno Standee Medium Bathroom Wiper Red - 1 Pc
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Product Description

  • Moulded rubber lip does not tear easily.
  • Long lasting flexible rubber lip for instant squeaky clean floor.
  • Ergonomically designed and light weight for comfortable cleaning.
  • Brush body plastic and rod material steel.

Easily scrape out the stains, grime, and dirt from a variety of surfaces by picking a brush or wipe from this bathroom wiper. In our busy lifestyle, we often miss on cleaning our bathroom every day. Bathroom cleaning is necessary just like brushing your teeth and taking shower everyday is a need for maintaining personal heath and hygiene. Keeping bathroom clean should be an inevitable practice to ensure a hygienic and healthy lifestyle. You buy them and they are sure to give you high performance and easy cleaning. 

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