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Chanchal Sattu Jau Chana - 500g Pkt

Chanchal Sattu Jau Chana - 500g Pkt
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Nutrition Value: Low in Glycemic Index and high in fibre, Protein and Carbohydrate, Jau Chana Sattu is a good substitute of modern day – Protein Powders available at exorbitant rates in the health food market.

How to use: Popularly used as a cool drink mixed in cold water with jaggery as sweetener. Can also be used as a stuffing for paranthas or mixed with regular wheat flour and cooked as a high fibre, high protein roti.

How to store: Store the flour in an air tight steel or glass container. Ideally it is advised to consume any flour within 15 – 20 days of milling else its nutrition start getting depleted and flour starts getting stale. This is more so in case of our flour which is not treated by any chemicals for increasing shelf life. In absence of any chemical treatment such flour is more prone to catch worm infestation too. So, buy in small quantity and consume it well in time.

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