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Chuk De Kala Sarson Mota / Black Musturd Seeds - 100gm Pkt

Chuk De Kala Sarson Mota / Black Musturd Seeds - 100gm pkt
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Sortex Cleaned.
Product Description

The authentic taste of Chukde Kali Sarson is perfect to uplift any dish you create.


Mustard is a yellow-flowered plant with a small round seed related to the cabbage and broccoli family. The mention of this magical plant and spice is in the ancient Vedic scriptures dating back about 5,000 years ago. Most of the world’s mustard is grown throughout North-West India, the North American prairies, Pakistan and Nepal.
The most common type of mustard seeds that are cultivated is yellow, black, and brown mustard. Black mustard is black or dark brown and the most pungent one amongst all varieties.

Flavour Profile

When dry, these seeds exhibit a strong pungent taste. Once roasted, they add a rich and nutty flavour to the dish.

Cooking Uses

Black Mustard is a common inclusion in many traditional Indian cuisines, especially Bengali cuisine. It is usually added to the 'tadka' or tempering for it to release its nutty flavour. It's also a common ingredient in many spice blends like Panch Puran, Podi, etc.

Chukde Advantages

  • Chukde Kali Sarson is Sortex Cleaned to offer superior quality with high oil content.
  • Chukde Kali Sarson is passed through Rare Earth Magnets that eliminate grains with high ferrous content.
  • All our Spices pass through ETO Sterilization before being packaged and sold. 

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