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Chuk De Laung - Cloves 100gm Pkt

Chuk De Laung - Cloves 100gm pkt
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Product Description

Add the Chukde Laung to any dish for an aromatic sensory experience that will uplift your taste buds.


Cloves are native to North Moluccas Island of Indonesia however Cloves Descriptionating in Madagascar are considered to be of superior quality. These aromatic flower buds are commonly used as a spice and are an integral part of Middle Eastern, Asian, African, and Mediterranean cuisines.

Flavour Profile

The aromatic buds of clove have a sharp pungent flavour - almost hot. It has a very strong taste and is usually used in small quantities.

Cooking Uses

Laung or Clove finds its place as an important ingredient in spice blends in Indian and Sri Lankan households. It is used in both ground and the whole form to add a strong penetrating characteristic to the dish. It is a commonly used ingredient in Garam Masala, pickles, hot beverages, and alcoholic drinks, and meat preparations.

Chukde Advantages

• Chukde Laung is handpicked to keep the number of headless cloves less than 2% ensuring better quality.
• Chukde Laung is high in oil content which ensures rich flavour with smaller quantities.
• All our Spices pass through ETO Sterilization before being packaged and sold.

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