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Chuk De Spices Tarbooj Beej - 100gm Pkt

Chuk De Spices Tarbooj Beej - 100gm pkt
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Product Description

Chukde Tarbooz Magaz is a healthy and delicious way to boost health and energy levels in the body.


Tarbooz or Watermelon is believed to have originated in Africa about 4000 years ago. It then spread around Meditteranean countries and later to the rest of Europe. It's grown in both tropical and sub-tropical areas. The seeds of the fruit are generally thrown after its consumption. But these little black seeds are a storehouse of nutritional benefits.

Flavour Profile

Watermelon seeds taste similar to sunflower seeds. but are a little less nutty and thick.

Cooking Uses

The black thick coating of the Watermelon Seeds is not very appetizing. These seeds are prepped by sprouting, which helps remove the coating, and then dried. You can then eat them as is, or roast them for snacking. They can also be added to salads and smoothies for the crunch.

Chukde Advantages

  • Chukde Tarbooz Magaz is cleaned with state-of-the-art machinery to give you the best quality seeds.
  • All our Spices pass through ETO Sterilization before being packaged and sold.

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