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Eagle Brand Rose Flavour Phenyl - 5Lt Bottle

Eagle Brand Rose Flavour Phenyl - 5Lt Bottle
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Rose Flavour Floor Cleaner Phenyl

Colourless pleasantly odoured liquid. Made of non-ionic inorganic base which does not allow any dust particles to settle on the surface. Ideal for Marble and white stoned floors and walls. Fight against mosquitos Disinfect surface and cleans.

Pink Rose phenyle (sometimes written as phenyl) is a disinfecting agent made from pine oil. It is made by using an emulsifier- a compound that allows an oil to stably make a solution with water. ROSE perfumed phenyle is used as a cleaning product to remove odors and kill bacteria.

Floor cleaner is premium product used for cleaning all kind of floors in a house. It has a soothing fragrance and it removes all the germs and bacterias from the scratch. Make your home a safe and clean space.

  • Removes all germs and bacterias.
  • 100% Safe to use and labortary tested.
  • Very soothing fragnance.

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