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Godrej Protekt Mr. Magic Handwash Refill - 9g Pack

Godrej Protekt Mr. Magic Handwash Refill - 9g Pack
KIlls Germ Protection
Product Description

Unique powder to liquid format, a first, in the world of handwashes! With Neem which is tough on germs and soothing Aloe Vera makes it gentle on skin. Extremely affordable compared to other handwashes in the market. Mr. Magic handwash is not just green in colour, it’s also green in nature. If all Indian households that use liquid handwash refills switch to Godrej Protekt Mr. Magic refills, it would result in a greener, better world. So, add, pour, shake and wash to stay protected!

  • Powder to liquid format - a first, in the world of handwashes!
  • Add 200ml clean water + pour powder in the bottle + shake
  • Enriched with Neem - known for being tough on germs
  • Soothing Aloe Vera - known for being gentle on skin





Unique Powder to Liquid Format

The first-ever powder to liquid handwash, Godrej protekt mr. magic makes germs disappear for good. Thanks to its unique format, you can make 1 full bottle of handwash (200 ml) from a single refill, in just 3 easy steps! Thereby making it a handwash made by you, for your family.

With Neem and Aloe Vera

With Godrej protekt mr. magic handwash, you have the better of both worlds. The power of neem makes it tough on germs, while soothing aloe vera makes it gentle on skin. So, you protect your family’s hands without drying them out.

Easy to make

Making mr. magic handwash is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply take 200 ml of water, pour the magic powder into it and shake! And with that, you get one full bottle of handwash, to use as you please





Delightful Fragrance

Godrej protekt mr. magic handwash comes with a mild, delightful fragrance that your nose will love. A fragrance that doesn’t remind you of hospitals and leaves your hands feeling fresh. One could almost say it gives germs a fragrant last breath!

Easy on the Pocket

Every mr. magic refill is designed to make 200 ml of handwash. Helping you save, while giving you the better of protection.

Over? Refill!

What do you do when your bottle of Godrej protekt mr. magic is over? You simply get another refill sachet and make a bottle of handwash all over again!

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