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Hitkary Shahi ROSE Sharbat - 750ml Bottle

Hitkary Shahi ROSE Sharbat - 750ml Bottle
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1 Bottle Makes around 30-40 Glasses.
Product Description

Shahi Sharbat Rose

What better way to care for yourself in summer than indulging in the goodness of Hitkary Shahi Sharbat Rose? Cool your nerves with the freshness of Hitkary’s Shahi Sharbat Rose which has cooling properties that reduce stress and calm your nerves.

This cool summer beverage is just perfect to beat the scorching heat. The fragrance of these rose petals’ is sure to swoon you into consuming it more and more. It is indeed an exceptional drink that you can enjoy sipping on, the entire summers!

Serving Suggestions:  Mix one part of Hitkary Shahi Sharbat Rose with four parts of iced water/milk, stir well and serve chilled.
To make it more interesting you can also add an undiluted Hitkary Shahi Sharbat Rose to your dessert and give it a slight twist of punch to enhance its taste.
You can also enjoy the summer cooler with club soda and add drops of lemon juice to it.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Distillate of Rose petals 4.6 %, Preservative (INS 224), Synthetic Food Colours (INS 110, INS 122), Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Silver Leaves 0.0029%

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