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Jowar Atta / Sorghum Powder - 500gm Pkt

Jowar Atta / Sorghum Powder - 500gm pkt
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Jowar flour is a healthy atta , It is widely accepted in the west now because of being gluten free. This flour is good for people suffering from celiac disease. It has higher content of protein. In india, it is used to make jowar ki roti in villages as well as urban areas. Sometimes it is also mixed with other nutritious flour to make multi grain flour. 24 mantra organics jowar flour is good to use in baking products. Because of its bland flavour, it doesn't add a distinctive to the dish.

Perfect for breakfast.Tejascare offers you premium quality chola maavu powder/cornflour/maize powder.It has lots of health benefits including lowering cholesterol and even helps in weight loss too. Also this is Gluten-Free A healthy alternative to our regular dosa batter.The same batter powder can be used to make idili and other dishes.

  • Sorghum is part of the millet family and has all the beneficial properties of millets.
  • Our sorghum flour is incredibly nutritious, easy to digest.
  • Our sorghum flour is a food that aids in digestion and is easily digestible itself.

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