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Mitti Pooja Dhoop Dani - 1pc

Mitti Pooja Dhoop Dani - 1pc
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Actual size and design may be slightly differ due to handmade products.
Product Description

Dhoop Dani is commony used for Burning Guggul and Loban.

Firstly Cow dung or charcoal is burnt and then Guggul and Loban has put over it.

  • Handmade Dhoop Dan with Handle.
  • 100% Bio degradable. | 1 Dhoop Dan.
  • Beautifully designed to burn dhoop on charcoal tablets.

Quickly create a relaxed, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

  • When you doing yoga, meditation, zen, sauna or aromatherapy, igniting the incense, the aroma will fill the room and help to relax your mind.
  • Igniting the incense before the guest visits, let the fragrance fill the whole living room, which is not only a courtesy and respect for the guests, but also reflects your taste.
  • When you work in office or study, the aroma will help calm and inspire you.
  • After cooking some food with strong flavor, turn on the range hood and igniting incense in the corner at the same time, which can easily remove the kitchen odor.

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