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Nutrela Big Soya Badi Chunks - 200g Box

Nutrela Big Soya Badi Chunks - 200g Box
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Dishes cooked with nutrela are very tasty and also have natural nutritive goodness.
Product Description


Nutrela Mini Soya Chunks is simply completed from 100% soy flour. These chunks are the substitute products of selection when trying to keep away from meat and eggs and finding sources for Protein or which comes under pure vegetarian stuffs. It unifies simply in all types of dishes and spreads their flavour all over. It consist of 54% protein content vs 22% for meat and 14% for eggs. These are even superior for hearts and lower your fats and cholesterol. 

Goodness of Nutrela

  • Promotes Growth : Nutrela's high protein content is ideal for kids,helps to excel in sports, studies at school and at home in a nutshell it is low in fat full in energy. It also helps in mental and physical growth.
  • Good For The Heart: Since Nutrela contains no cholesterol,it is good for heart.

How to use

Just follow the simple 3 step procedure mentioned on the box and prepare a range of delicious dishes for all mealtimes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snacks and even desserts.

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