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Patanjali Iodized Namak 1Kg Pkt

Patanjali Iodized Namak 1Kg pkt
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Product Description

Patanjali salt has been supplying the highest quality salts available to satisfied salt consumers since 2006. We believe in purity of product. Patanjali salt works on unique selection of premium and natural sea salts. Patanjali iodised salt enhances the taste in the food and it is widely used in the preparation of every cuisine for a flavour and delightfulness.

High on Iron and Iodine, the salt helps in the physical and mental growth. 
Prevention of Iodine deficiency disorders.
Iodine is required for normal growth, thyroid and brain function.
Salt can also be used in the food preservation and when gargled with the warm water, it is known to be the best medicine to cure the sore throat.

Edible Common Salt.
Permited Anti-Caking Agent.
Potassium Iodate.
Crystal Modifier.

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