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Revive Instant Starch Powder 75g Pouch

Revive Instant Starch Powder 75g Pouch
Instant Starch
Product Description

Revive liquid makes starching of clothes at home a quick and easy experience. It is suitable for all colours and fabrics. It dissolves easily even in cold water and gives clothes patch free stiffness. Revive liquid forms an even transparent film on clothes, making them crisp and upto 3 times brighter than ordinary starches.

  • Instant starch that dissolves even in cold water.
  • Suitable for all colours and all fabrics.
  • Forms even transparent layer on clothes for patch free stiffness.
  • Makes coloured clothes 3 times brighter than ordinary starch.
  • Easy Steps to PATCH FREE Stiffness: 1. Shake Bottle well, Add 1 Cap to 1 litre of water, sufficient for 1 Saree or 2 Shirts* 2. Soak the garments for 5 minutes 3. Drip dry them completely.

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