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Scotch Brite Cleaning Sponge Wipe Large - (3+1) Free Pack

Scotch Brite Cleaning Sponge Wipe Large - (3+1) Free pack
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Best Water Absorber 20cm x 17.5cm
Product Description

Product Tagline: Single swipe clean for a mess free kitchen. The sponge wipe is a one swipe cleaner for kitchen counter tops, tables and other kitchen appliances.

The kitchen surfaces and dining table are all spaces that are most susceptible to spills and cleaning them is a mess. Sponge wipe from Scotch-Brite is all it takes to keep them mess-free in a single swipe. This brilliant offering from Scotch-Brite cleans any mess in a single swipe without leaving behind water-marks.

It is multi-purpose and does a great job while also being economical. The sponge wipe can be washed and used several times providing real value-for-money.

Benefits: One swipe cleaning. Does not leave behind any watermarks. Lint free cleaning. Scratch free cleaning. How to Use: Wash well with water before use. Squeeze excess water but do not wring. Swipe on the damp area to clean. Rinse thoroughly after use.

  • The cellulose based sponge cleans any mess in a single swipe.
  • Absorbs water 10 times its own weight.
  • Does not leave behind any water marks while swiping.
  • Completely lint free and 100 percent scratch free cleaning.

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