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Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover Liquid - 800ml Bottle

Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover Liquid - 800ml Bottle
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Colour Safe Detergent Booster
Product Description

1Only detergents are not enough for removing tough stains and most of the times the stain remains on the clothes even after a wash with detergent. Get enhanced cleaning first time, every time with Vanish- Expert Stain Removal Laundry Additive.

With its advance oxygen power, Vanish removes even the toughest dried-on stains, ensuring a stain-free laundry. The liquid is absolutely safe to be used on both coloured and white clothes.

Vanish is an expert laundry additive and spot cleaner that specializes in removal of tough stains in only 1 wash with its active oxygen formula.

It also whitens your whites and brightens your coloured garments with its active brighteners to give you dry clean like results for your everyday clothes.

Unlike regular washing powders, Vanish fabric stain removal additive has active oxygen that serves as a catalyst to the reaction between dirt particles and surfactants in detergents, providing concentrated cleaning with better stain removal.

The formula dissolves and comes in contact with water molecules to create firmer bonds between the stain and detergent molecules. Using it together with your favorite washing powder will give your clothes a boost of liveliness and freshness.

  • Delivers unbeatable stain removal efficacy that no detergent alone can deliver.
  • Removes the toughest of stains that no washing powder alone can remove.
  • Whitens your whites and brightens your coloured garments with its active brighteners.
  • Use Vanish easily with both hand wash and machine wash, both direct and diluted, Add Vanish along with your detergent and get dry-clean like results for your everyday clothes in every wash.


Vanish all stains with 10x active oxygen bubbles

Add 100ml of Vanish along with your regular detergent and watch its Active Oxygen treat the toughest stains on any fabric of any colour in the first wash itself.




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