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Vicks Roll-On Inhaler 2in1 - 1pc

Vicks Roll-On Inhaler 2in1 - 1pc
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Inhaler for Blokage Nose | Roll on for Headache.
Product Description

Introducing the NEW Vicks Inhaler + Roll-On. It’s got Inhaler, which unblocks nose, on one side. And Roll-on, which gives relief from headache, on the other. Two products. One cool design.

New VICKS Roll on-Inhaler - Two products. One cool design. It comes with a Roll-on – an ointment to help relieve disturbing headache due to colds. And on the other side is your favorite Inhaler, to help relieve blocked nose problems. Comes too with a key chain so you can bring it with you, whenever you need immediate relief!

Vicks Roll-On Inhaler provides convenient 2-in-1 relief from Headache & fast Blocked Nose relief anytime, anywhere!

  • Use Vicks Roll-On Inhaler for relief from headache & fast relief blocked nose anytime, anywhere!
  • With the power of camphor & menthol, Inhaler helps relieve your blocked nose and Roll-on to relieve headache.

For 6 years & above. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.
Consult a doctor before use if pregnant/breastfeeding.
Avoid contact with eyes, don't use on broken skin.

Breathe deeply using Inhaler from nostrils for blocked nose relief.
Apply Roll-On on affected areas for headache relief.

Inhaler per 0.5 ml: Pudinah (Mentha arvensis, Lf.) 197 mg, Karpoor (Pinus longifolia, St.) 197 mg Fragrances q.s.
Roll-On per 1 ml: Pudinah (Mentha arvensis, Lf.) 394 mg, Karpoor (Pinus longifolia, St.) 190 mg Fragrances and base q.s.

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