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Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel - 750ml Bottle

Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel - 750ml Bottle
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Power of 100 Lemon
Product Description

Vim is a quality product from Hindustan Unilever Limited. Launched in 1993, Vim is the original hand dishwashing brand which created the whole category.

Vim continues to lead the market and is the biggest player in the category. Vim was the first brand to introduce dishwash gel in India and has been the leader in the segment since introduction with 7 out of 10 gel dishwasher consumers using Vim Gel.

Vim Gel, with the power of 100 lemons, gives you complete cleaning without leaving any residue, unlike Dishwash Bars. It is also great value for money with one spoon of Vim Gel being enough to clean a full sink of dirty utensils. Its superior fragrance leaves your utensils smelling fresh, while its pH neutral formula is gentle on your hands.

It also keeps your expensive utensils like non-stick cookware looking new for longer as it cleans without scratching the surface and is recommended by Prestige and Nirlep for their range of non-stick cookware.

For cooking vessels, add a drop of Vim gel directly on the scrubber and wash to get rid of tough stains. For other utensils, tiffins and dishes, take a spoonful of Vim, mix it in a bowl of water use the mixture to wash.

So go ahead and enjoy the Vim Gel experience.

  • Vim gel has the power of 100 lemons, which helps clean dishes easily.
  • Unlike dishwash bars, Vim gel leaves no white residue and leaves your utensils sparkling clean.
  • Vim gel is so strong that only 1 spoonfull cleans an entire sinkfull of dirty utensils.
  • Vim gel gives you a pleasent cleaning experience with its refreshing lemon fragrance.
  • Does not damage the surface of delicate cookware.
  • Tough on stains, gentle on your hands.

Dish-washing bars leave behind a powdery while layer of residue on dishes after drying. Vim Gel completely dissolves in water and does not leave behind any residue on dishes.

Plastic containers trap the stubborn odour from the food having garlic, onion, fish, etc. VIM Gel has the power of 1000 lemons that eliminates stubborn malodours from plastic and leaves them smelling fresh.

Dish-washing bars cause scratches on non-stick cookware and melamine dishes. Vim Gel is a powerful concentrate that dissolves in water and does not lead to scratches on delicate cookware. It keeps your dishes and cookware looking new.

Vim Gel is a great value for money product. Just one spoonful of VIM Gel is capable of cleaning an entire sink-full of dishes.

Step 1: Pour VIM Gel in a teaspoon.

Step 2: Mix it in a bowl of water.

Step 3: Dip the scrubber.

Step 4: Clean and rinse.

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