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Whisper Choice Ultra Sanitary Napkins - XL (6 Pieces)

Whisper Choice Ultra Sanitary Napkins - XL (6 pieces)
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Product Description

The Whisper Choice Ultra Sanitary Pads are all about getting 100% stain protection to help you become unstoppable. The revolutionary pad has magic gels which help absorb the liquid quickly and gives you a superior dry feeling. The wings ensure that the pad stays in place and doesn't move even with rigorous activity. With Whisper Choice Ultra, do not miss your school or college even during period days.


  • Contains magic gel which instantly converts fluid into a gel.
  • Gives you leak-lock protection.
  • Provides up to 100% stain protection.
  • Wings ensure the secure placement of the pad.
  • Feels soft against the skin.

Additional Information: Whisper, a renowned brand under the umbrella of P&G, is one of the most trusted brands used by women all over the world. Whisper offers a wide range of sanitary napkins to suit every woman's needs. Whisper believes that with the right menstrual pad, you can take the first step to having a happy period and can be confident every day of the month.

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