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Wonder Fresh Multicolor Napthelene Ball 100gm Pkt

Wonder Fresh Multicolor Napthelene Ball 100gm pkt
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Eligible for insects cockroaches, germicide, moth repellent, cupboard, cloth kitchens, trunks, washbasin, book shelf.
Product Description

Naphthalene ball for wardrobe , Naphthalene balls , Naphthalene balls for toilet , Naphthalene ballWonder Fresh naphthalene balls are 100% safe and stain free pure naphthalene balls.Wonder Fresh can used as insecticide, germicide,moth repellent,cupboard,cloth cupboard,toilet,kitchens,trunks,washbasin,book shelf,wadrobe &urinel.its also helps protecting woolens and textile material againsts insects and moth attacks.

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